Wednesday, January 2, 2008

so we're told this is the golden age...

celebrated new year's eve at a friend's house in ohio city. the chilled out holiday of conversation, board games, tv, swishing sparkling grape juice around in a goblet.

i found my writing from a year ago at this time and i was quoting jawbreaker lyrics and feeling extremely depressed, being lonely and hating my job and wondering how i'd screwed up so badly, why i couldn't connect with anyone. wondering why everyone else was messed up even more than i was.

this year at the same time i'm dogsitting on the west side, in the neighborhood of the photo below, walking the cold cleveland streets with a big black dog, continuing to seek ways to serve and love this place that i've made my home. like everything in life, you lose some things but then you get other things back.

and i'm so thankful. i've got a car so i can see more of friends who live outside of walking distance, i've met new brothers and sisters that have made me see the world in new ways, i have a place of employment i actually like waking up for in the morning. i've found a church up here where i'm actually a part of things again and share the same vision. i'm breaking open those guitar calluses on my hands again. i've got kids who draw me pictures and tell me about their lives. i realize yet again that there is a hope and a future here.

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