Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i look pretty good but i'm just backdated, or, favorite albums of 2007

i don't know what 'the kids' are listening to anymore, but i can say that the new arcade fire was disappointing, the shins are boring, and i couldn't tell you anything about 85% of the stuff that made it onto the best-of lists this year. much of it seemed like fruity dance music, or boring lite-rock for the hipsters, so, in keeping with my ever-more geriatric tastes, here's the best of the year from yours truly.

soulsavers - it's not how far you fall, it's the way you land
because mark lanegan is the gen-x johnny cash

bedouin soundclash - street gospels
because these canadians bring the reggae

bad brains - build a nation
because these guys are righteous (and the only hardcore i listen to anymore)

dinosaur jr - beyond
because j mascis is j mascis

kristin hersh - learn to sing like a star
because i want to be kristin hersh when i grow up

beastie boys - the mix-up
because i couldn't stop listening to it.

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