Saturday, January 19, 2008


i hung out with kristy this afternoon before she went to work, and we made a trip to the west side market for lunch (black bean, cheese and tomatillo enchiladas from orale), and then out to take pictures. we drove along train avenue because she'd never been down there. we took a few pictures down there, and noticed some tagging on the bridge above us so we climbed up the side to get a better look.

we kept going up and there was all this amazing graffiti by the tracks (at this point the batteries in my camera died so i didn't get the really good shots).

we realized we were on the other side of the fence by the fun wall, so we got in the car and drove up to the gas station there to get double-a batteries and continue the venture.

i had heard all about this place from friends in high school who used to tag here but it was the first time i'd actually seen it for myself. and it was good.

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