Friday, December 16, 2011

They could care less about you, they could care less about me

The number of people I'll even talk politics is down to one hand. I don't want to hear the partisan ranting. Both sides say the other side's wimpy or crazy but a vote that has the potential to screw over anyone who pisses off The Powers That Be was pretty damn close to unanimous. But it's different when the other side does it, right Dems? Oh he's not doing enough to keep us safe and he's a wuss, Reps? We can argue about abortion and gay rights but look at what we're doing to the rest of the world.

Have you crawled out of the echo chamber at all and taken a look around in the last six months to a year to ten years? Didn't think so.

I couldn't sleep last night, and lay awake staring up into the darkness feeling the despair of inaction, the weight of encroaching authority, of two minutes hate involving abstract enemies, of a population so numbed by pleasure and violence, every year seems more and more like a brave new world in 1984. I used to think my distrust was just an adolescent pose, now it's only grown more intense.


Randal Graves said...

Strike a pose. (FYI, that's the Real Death™, homie)

Word verification: pontling. Once again, serendipity shines on the Peonage, 'cause that's what else but pontificating pointlessly whilst pointing like a high school disciplinarian. "The senators were once again pontling."

Anonymous said...

very few people out there capable of thinking things thru, even fewer who than passionately care about the consequences. have you tried any practices like centering prayer to cultivate some peaceful moments?

that girl said...

I knew you were going to throw that in there, though this one DID come first, though with more inner city Detroit angst and garage jangle than metal.

word verification: ingsin, as in sinning or singing all messed up.

oh there's prayers and supplications, and venting in the non-virtual sphere. I veer back and forth as always.