Monday, December 5, 2011

these shrouded temples

The pallor of grey and mists obscuring cathedral spires and housing projects in the distance. "It's disgusting" she says, just as I say I love this. If it was still daylight upon the end of my shift, I'd be out tromping through the cemetery taking photos of angels through the gauze of condensated rain.

Instead, I feast on leftovers and the communal coffeepot. Such is the glory of the Peonage, especially given that I broke Rules We All Forgot About 4.126 involving accidentally dropping a cussword in class in regards to United States foreign policy. Randal was of course amused, I'm of the school of thought that while salty discourse is more effective in small doses, there's no other way to describe despotic nations that we deal with as either being on the shitlist (Libya, Venezuela) or not (Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia).

Oh well. Either I'm not as worried about how I'm perceived or I was slightly amused to be reprimanded for a slip of the tongue when my classmates are talking about how we should drill everywhere and blow things up but this is where I am totally like my dad, or something. Oh well. If I'm the Jennifer Finch of the class, so be it.


Randal Graves said...

Who said this lovely gloom is disgusting? Punch them in the face! Tear their heart out!

For the record, you used two cuss words.

In light of which, precisely your final paragraph, I found comical in processing periodicals this afternoon, coming across our last issue of Reader's Digest featuring Mrs. Pretzeldent on the cover vomiting forth, and I quote, "everything we do must be for our children."

At least she was partially honest. Sorry, furriners.

thatgirl said...

Considering that it's the one who pays me that'd be a bad idea, though now I'm outed as being even more weird than previously thought.

oh yeah I saw that issue at the art center tonight and wanted to snark about it but figured it wouldn't be the right crowd.

Word verification: Coingini, as in the magician who makes your money disappear.

Randal Graves said...

I used to love the sunny weather until they hired you.

Word verification: uptught, what one should be in the presence of The Amazing Coingini.