Tuesday, October 11, 2011

color and sound

A day off spent in Oberlin, walking paths through the woods with my friend and her daughters and as-yet-unborn son, as we catch up and the kids are picking purple flowers and scarlet leaves. Our progress is slow due to the little feet walking alongside us but we crunch the leaves, inhale that certain autumn smell, stop to listen to the symphonic drones of cicadas, frogs, and birdcalls.

I wander around the square a bit before heading over to the art center to pick up my plates and jewelry pieces, which will then be immersed in nail polish remover to get the toner off. I forgot to reverse the image of this Harry Clarke illustration, but the detail on this came out so beautiful that it almost doesn't matter.

Picked up Christine in Shaker and we went up to Coventry to hang out and wait for the Wild Flag show to start. The last three shows I've been to have been metal bands therefore mostly dudes, but this crowd was low-key and energetic in the right way. The encore seemed a bit rushed and when Carrie said that Cleveland's a big city compared to, say, Omaha, we realized that Omaha actually has more people than we do.

It seriously warms my heart watching other women rock out. I'm not sure why. It just does.

low-res from someone else in the audience last night.

higher res from another show:

Drove home with my ears ringing and wondering how I'd function today but caffeine works its wonders and I've got tonight to crash.


Randal Graves said...

Dammit yet again, that really did come out uber-swanky. I feel so Clarkey (we should add that, or variations of, along with JUST LIKE CHE).

Energetic in the right way? Just remember who the douchebag at Katatonia was, you man-hater, you. I'm so mad, I'm gonna go listen to some more Jucifer.

Omaha is bigger than us? If it wasn't for the free stamp, we'd suck.

Anonymous said...

writing from the crumbling heart of omaha i can tell you there won't be more people here for long unless they warm up to the browning of america with the quickness

Anonymous said...