Wednesday, December 15, 2010

hell and high water

While the vermin are in the process of being vanquished, evidently my shower water missed the plumbing and ended up pouring into my downstairs neighbors' house last night and I felt really
bad. I mopped up as much water on the floor as I could and thankfully my landlord is on it so hopefully it'll be fixed by now. Clawfoot tubs might look glamorous and Victorian but they're a pain in the neck. Also, just because a house is old does not mean it's built the greatest.

It's a busy time of year for us peons and I nearly used my little interweb soapbox to rant about incompetent and lazy people who get away with things because they're in good with the legal mafia union made up of angry women who think the 60's never died. Sometimes this is cathartic and other times it just gets me more mad so I'll leave it at that. I guess this means I have issues with boomers of a certain kind and it just is what it is.

I used to be really quiet and then I got older and somehow ended up with a big mouth that I need to keep in check. And it's not just a big mouth, there's the whole issue of colorful language that occasionally gets me in trouble. Most people who don't know me don't believe me when I say this.

But I guess after all those years of being put down and realizing finally I don't have to take it the way I once did, I'm still figuring out when it's best to be blunt and say what needs to be said and when it's better to hold my peace and know that I'm at least not on the level of that other person.

But on a lighter note...

The day off yesterday was nice and after my Arabica study session I went thrifting and scored a bag full of amazing Christmas garland that's probably older than I am by at least fifteen years considering it was all made in the USA, and one box that looked like what Run-DMC uses to decorate their tree.

Heck yeah.

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Randal Graves said...

Why do you rail against the boomers? Jimmy Buffet's the best!