Wednesday, December 22, 2010

let fury have the hour...

Last year on this day, I did a Joe Strummer tribute show on the anniversary of his death that generated more phone calls and requests than I've ever had in my 5am time slot. I came late to the Clash party, between his work with 'The Only Band That Mattered' and his Mescaleros project, it only makes me sad that his second creative wind was cut so short.

His sounds were a gateway into all sorts of other sounds that I delved into later on: reggae, dub, and the non-cheesy sounds from all over the world that became mix CD material and radio station format sounds that were at once familiar and refreshingly new. Looking at his playlists, it echoes what mine evolved into: classic and underground rock, vintage soul, African pop, roots reggae.

This year, I decided to turn it into an annual tradition because there just isn't a whole lot of good Christmas music in my format and you can hear that stuff anywhere else on the radio. I got one request for "Get Down Moses" and another caller who was mad that I wasn't playing Master P. Can't please 'em all I guess.


Randal Graves said...

Play some Master P!

Anonymous said...

This is, absolutely without question, one of my favorite albums of all time.

I can't think too much about his death when I listen to it, though, because then the sorrow of his loss makes it impossible to actually listen.

It helps that he was clearly so full of life while recording it.

thatgirl said...

When I hear that last cut on there "Silver and Gold," I almost lose it every time.