Wednesday, October 6, 2010

girls go to mars

I went up to church early for music practice and played the drums for awhile. I got a very basic crash course from a friend of mine awhile back about the whole snare and hi-hat bit so I just tried playing around with beats and time signatures and the sheer pleasure of hitting something and hearing something good come out of it.

I started my journey of musicianship with piano lessons as a kid, had an unsuccessful couple years of flute because my mom thought I might make friends in marching band, and started playing guitar at 14 because I was bored and a boy I liked played guitar, and picked up my uncle's bass when I was 16 to play in bands that thankfully never left the living room or basement.

And now, the drums. Now that I've learned to keep time, and actually have a kit (that I wish I played more but that's another story), I'm starting to learn the rudiments of keeping a rhythm, of being consistent and not showing off too much. The djembe's been a good start for that too, but someday, I hope to play as slick as this.


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girl go carnivalesque?