Thursday, September 16, 2010

best of the blotter 27 (updated)

ANIMAL AT LARGE, GENEVA STREET: A man was cited for violating leash laws Sept. 8 after his black dog ran into a police car on patrol.

Police noted, it was not the first time the same dog has run into the cruiser.

The owner said he would check his dog for injuries

PETTY THEFT, WESTGATE MALL: Police responded to Target at about 11:30 a.m. Sept. 7 on a report of two girls in custody for shoplifting. Police were told that the girls apparently concealed about $130 of clothing in a large red purse. One of the girls tried on boots and tried to leave the store with them on. When police arrived, they started questioning the girls, but neither had identification. Both claimed to be juveniles. Police asked their birthdays and ages, and when the girls’ answers didn’t add up, police figured out that they had two male suspects dressed as girls. Police arrested an 18-year-old Cleveland man and a 17-year-old Cleveland boy and charged them with petty theft.

THEFT, WILSON MILLS: A Mayfield Heights girl was arrested for shoplifting from Kohl’s, 6245 Wilson Mills.

When asked about her parents, the girl told police they lived in Russia. Police later discovered the girl’s parents lived in Mayfield Heights and she was released to them.

NOISE DISTURBANCE, ABBEY ROAD: At 1:12 a.m. Sept. 6 an officer responded to the Cedarwood Estates complex to assist another patrolman with a complaint of a man singing. The officers walked the area and located an outdoor karaoke party. The homeowner was issued a summons for a noise disturbance.

BURGLARY, CLARENCE AVENUE: A woman told police on Sept. 2 that while she was in the hospital, her apartment was broken into and trashed. Police found no forced entry and nothing missing. The trouble was a civil matter over a messy apartment.

ASSAULT, SOLON ROAD: A boy, 16, riding a lawn tractor home Sept. 7 after his father had it repaired at Solon Hardware Store on Melbury Drive was confronted by a group of four to five boys who got him off the tractor, at which point one of the boys punched him in the face while the others egged him on — one of them filming the attack on his cell phone. Police broke the fight up, charging one of the boys, 16, in the attack, while three other boys are being referred to juvenile court on possible charges of inciting to violence. The basis for the dispute appears to be a stolen iPod.

BURGLARY, AURORA ROAD: A Solon woman, 40, reported Monday someone slid open a first-floor bedroom window and came in her condo, taking two game systems, controllers and games, a tennis bracelet and a pair of earrings valued at $1,680. The victim believes the theft may also be related to the theft of the iPod that led to the hijacked lawn tractor Sept. 7.

ASSAULT, AURORA ROAD: A Garfield Heights woman, 24, employed at Station 43, said she was struck in the back of the neck by a co-worker Saturday after they got into an argument over the “Special of the Day.” A Bedford Heights man, 41, was arrested.

THEFT, BAINBRIDGE ROAD: The owner of Cellphones For Cancer reported Friday six of 13 political yard signs he posted in front of his business had been stolen.

SUSPICIOUS SITUATION, PEARL ROAD: At 6:54 p.m. Thursday, employees at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar told police that an older man had been in the business’ restroom for a while, and when they inquired into his well-being, he answered, “I’m OK. I’m just doing heroin.”

Police were unable to locate any drugs or drug paraphernalia in the restroom, and determined the man did not appear to be under the influence.

The man was taken to a bus stop.

SUSPICIOUS SITUATION, JONATHAN DRIVE: A woman woke to a strange sight in her front lawn on Friday morning. In the lawn was a staked sign that read “Ye shall reap what ye has sown” on one side, and “Repent Diane, the end is near” on the other.

The resident identified a suspect, who reportedly recently sent a private investigator to her place of employment.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, ROYALTON ROAD: An older white male in a wheelchair wearing no pants reportedly traveled on Muraski Elementary School property at approximately 3:39 p.m. Friday.

TRAFFIC STOP, CLIFTON BOULEVARD: At 10:36 a.m. Sept. 9, police responding to an altercation cited a woman for excessive horn blowing and cited a man for disorderly conduct

PROPERTY IMPOUND, DETROIT AVENUE: Police received a butcher knife and sock stuffed under a trash bin at 10:24 a.m. Sept. 8.

SPECIAL ATTENTION, HIGHLAND ROAD: A resident reported Sept. 8 a male came to their home the previous evening and said he was doing a homework assignment and wanted to interview them. They said they wouldn’t let him in despite him being adamant about it. He was described as being in his late teens with full sleeve tattoos on both arms.

“DISTURBING” KITCHEN? A customer at a N. Court Street Chinese food buffet became upset after he claimed he saw a “disturbing” incident in the kitchen on Sept. 3. The man began yelling and the manager asked him to leave the restaurant, so the man left but did not pay for the food he had eaten prior to the outburst. The manager provided a description of the man to police and asked to have him banned if he was found.

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