Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I spent most of this weekend asleep, either from illness or my lack of rest has finally caught up to me.

Went over to my grandma's house on Saturday night to go through stuff there before it gets thrown out or given away. It's weird going in there, not ghostly, but just the sense of loss and history is so strong. Photographs of family members, statues of the Virgin Mary and the Infant of Prague, mix tapes full of polkas, matchbooks from vacations and weddings, Life magazines with photos of the Kennedy family, the moon landing, and the Black Panthers, where all the ads are for hard liquor and cigarettes.

I brought home the movie camera that she took films of from the time my dad was a kid to me and my cousins. I don't know where you find film for these kinds of things because it runs on a reel-to-reel. My inner art student wants to mess around with this and see what happens.

I've fallen in love with Cleveland summers, but I'm enjoying the transition into fall, cool breezes and hoodies, my mood music shifts from sunny melodies and big beats to minor keys and atmospherics. Currently formulating plans for more buildings to explore, more informal photography projects, more wannabe Great American Novel futility, apple-picking, Halloween, live music, and an Ethiopian new year party on Sunday.

current songs:

Mark Lanegan & PJ Harvey - Hit the City

I'm finally getting to see him live this weekend at the Grog Shop and rumor has it, they've been doing this song.

the Dead Weather - Will There be Enough Water?

Massive Attack - Psyche


Randal Graves said...

I love I. Ron Butterfly. Alice! Alice! Alice!

DJ Grim Loco said...

I hope you get better! I just did a nice mix you might like to listen to: http://dubtronica.podomatic.com//

I hope you enjoy this, it features Ambient,dub,and dub techno music. Its a very relaxing mix that I recorded live on the turntables.