Friday, September 4, 2009

best of the blotter

MISCHIEF, WHITE MARSH LANE: A woman reported Aug. 24 that someone threw tomatoes at her car while she was driving.

SCOOTER TROUBLE: A Strongsville man was advised last week for holding his neighbor's scooter hostage.

A Whitney Road woman called police Sunday afternoon because a neighbor at her apartment complex took her son's scooter and wouldn't return it.

The man told police that the boy, 8, was throwing rocks at a cast-iron bell on his balcony. The man said he was "holding the scooter hostage" until the boy's mother came over and talked to him.

The boy told police he was skipping rocks and he hit the bell unintentionally.

The man returned the scooter after he was advised that he cannot confiscate property. The boy was advised to skip rocks in wooded areas only.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF, CEDAR ROAD: A woman reported Saturday someone wrote on her using black nail polish.

IDENTITY THEFT (UNFOUNDED): While police were investigating an Aug. 25 complaint involving a suspicious Webkins doll that had been sent to their address, the parents of a 9-year-old girl suspected that she may have ordered the stuffed animal herself, using her parents' credit cards.

PETTY THEFT, CHILLICOTHE ROAD: An unknown young man entered Discount Drug Mart Sunday evening, stole a Guinness beer and drank it in the bathroom before leaving.

The store employee said it was the same person who stole and drank about 5 beers in the bathroom the previous month.

FOUND PROPERTY, EAST WASHINGTON STREET: Someone stole a golf cart from Auburn Springs golf course. Police believe the culprit drove it to Timmons Elementary school on Kenston's first day of school Aug. 27.

An employee of the school found it at 9:30 a.m. on school property.

Police staked out the school at the end of classes to see if a student would attempt to drive it home. However, no one did.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY, CHANDLERS LANE: An elderly resident looking out her window Thursday became concerned when she saw a woman lying in the courtyard of her home. Officers located the woman and determined she was sunbathing.

NOT QUITE NAKED, E. SMITH: Police responded Aug. 22 to East Smith on a report of a man skipping westbound down the sidewalk wearing only crepe paper on his body. Officers determined that the man had shorts under the paper.

COMPLAINT, HATHAWAY AVENUE: Police received a complaint of a man knocking on doors stating that he is going to run for city council and harassing people at 8:16 p.m. Friday. The man was campaigning for the upcoming city council election and denied harassing people.

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