Monday, September 28, 2009

hit the city

Went to the Bridge Project both nights this weekend. I've always wanted to see what it looked like under there and to have it lit up, with live music, art installations, and simply amazing architecture and space. My roommate and I also rode the 8-seat "conference bicycle" up and down the middle part.

It reminded me of things that seem like they'd happen in Europe, or the underground world of Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere." If you missed it this year, hopefully they'll do something like this again, because I wish I could take everyone there.

Otherwise this weekend, ended up going to see the Soulsavers by myself because everyone else cancelled and such. At least it's dark and introverted so that I could just stand there and get caught up in the sounds and the voice of one of my favorite singers of all time. Despite the albums themselves being much more electronic, it was definitely a rock show, and I liked hearing the songs completely reworked with no prerecorded loops or anything like that. Evidently the guitarist from Spiritualized is touring with them now and there was lots of tremolo and feedback which I love.

I got the shivers up my spine during "Kingdoms of Rain" and "Revival," and loved that they played "Hit the City," but I'm honestly not feeling the new record as much as the old one. Still, it was a great show, though on the way back I was driving through the rain back to the west side and "Maggot Brain" was on the radio and I was crying and finding it impossible to shake that profound sense of loneliness that came over me.

But thankfully I've got good people around me who get me through my times when it seems like everyone couples off or leaves for places that aren't Cleveland, and I spent Sunday afternoon with the Ethiopians celebrating their New Year eating good food and watching the kids run around.

I came home last night and de-stressed myself with an art night, and realized that I need to be doing this much more. It always chilled me out in college and it still seems to work for me...

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Randal Graves said...

Do you have any more shots? Skulls, extreme soft/hard, blue/yellow contrasts, lunacy, that's what under the surface should be.