Thursday, October 30, 2008

what the?

So evidently, I went into the wrong line of work, or just don't know how to sell the skill of making the perfect mix into something profitable. Or maybe even with the economic downturn, there are still people who have way too much time and cash on their hands to hire people to create the perfect mood music for their living space...

Though they consider clients’ musical preferences, stylists said they are paid to be the final arbiters of what songs work in a space. “When clients hire me, they are buying into the Coleman brand of taste,” Mr. Feltes said. Stylists typically charge between $50 and $250 per hour of music, which they usually download onto iPods but which can also be delivered on CDs.

So, pretty much personalized, much hipper muzak. Or something. This would be a fun job if it wasn't so crassly unnecessary. Guess it's good work for the otherwise unemployed types whose obscure tastes compensate for a lack of originality and social skills.

What sounds good in your living space?

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Randal Graves said...

Um, what?

That might be the most disturbing article I've ever read.