Tuesday, February 26, 2008


they've blocked off lots of the streets down here for the big event tonight. with most of the tickets going to major democrat party players, i didn't bother entering the lottery and will be watching the debates on the tv in the basement at my long neglected art table while drinking several pots worth of green tea.

i saw michelle obama speak here last week (what a classy person and great speaker. we were joking that we would vote for her if we had to), and john mccain's tour bus rolled by me and ken when he was giving me a ride home, and dennis is still protesting the war and taking pictures with old ladies at the west side market and i find myself restraining giggles when i walk by him.

the amount of smearing going on this year is absurd beyond belief, both locally and nationally. if i was the one having my kindergarten essays analyzed and awkward photos circulated, i'd be furious. which is why i never ever want to be famous or be in the position of running a very large country.

possibly another art show in the works at the church. i'll be teaming up with a guy who's a real artist as in the kind that does big gorgeous 6 foot long oil paintings as opposed to my amateur work using recycled failed art projects and trashpicked canvases. he's a graffiti fan too and is going to be showing me his shots from when they lived in new york.

getting all inspired again.

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