Monday, February 11, 2008

all the colors

now that it's about 3 degrees outside and we didn't get a snow day (they've only had one here in the last 20 years), i'm really glad i got outside this weekend for some absolutely killer picture-taking. we had our cameras and were pulling off to the side of the road and shooting everything in sight, going through several sets of batteries and climbing underneath parked trains, over railroad tracks, bridges, scrap heaps and piles of trash.

we climbed down the side of some old walls on the bank of the flats that you can see from the rapid but my shots there didn't come out so good. the mother lode of all beauty, however, is on train avenue, a road i discovered completely by accident on one of my late night drives with val.

the city's been painting over the artwork down here recently in an attempt to make it less "blighted" but i fear that you'll also be losing some genuine beauty in the process:
finally figured out the way to get good res on this thing. there's more on my flickr page

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