Friday, February 29, 2008

suburban youth...

my friend wants me to go see the hives with him this weekend. i'm really not a big fan of the hives, but i figured if the opening act was decent it might be worth the company.

the opener, however, is the donnas, who i've never been a fan of because they're not that good to begin with and they make it hard on the rest of us girls who want to be taken seriously as musicians and not just as jailbait eye candy.

it's also a blast from the past when the girl i was playing with had a dad who was all about the donnas (and gwar, strangely enough) and wanted us to cover their songs. i remember thinking they were lousy then, and as far as i can tell, they've only gotten worse.

the donnas remind me of the days of playing in doomed high school punk bands covering 'smells like teen spirit,' 'california uber alles,' and bikini kill... going out for pizza and arguing about politics, trying to go diy and put on shows that fell through. you didn't need to date in high school if you had your band to spend the weekend with.

i don't talk to any of those people i used to play with anymore... drummer went to brown university, one guy books bands now, another lives in argentina, and the others i lost touch with, though i still hear rumors of so-and-so moving back this way or doing a lot of drugs. me? i never got to have my awesome indie/garage combo in college though i tried, but i've been playing bass at church with some very gifted people over the past couple years and that's kept me somewhat up on it.

i wonder if the kids are just playing guitar hero now instead of bashing out green day songs in the living room...

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