Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fall, rise and fall

So many things to be done and to do, functioning on adrenaline and coffee, trying to figure out how to do everything. There are so many of those mundane adult things like changing oil and buying paper towels and paying bills that seem so hard to keep up on sometimes.

And I don't know what these people who believe in world peace are thinking when it seems like every day there's some kind of chaos erupting somewhere... Kyrgystan, the Koreas, Bangkok, Kingston

My roommate went running last night and ran into the older brother of the kids I used to tutor and I met up with them to walk and catch up. We went to go visit the mom of the kids who got beat up but we missed the visiting hours at the nursing home she's at. He said she's going to be ok, and that the kids are separated but staying with some good people in the community.

I think everyone knew that her husband was unstable and capable of this kind of thing, and I can only imagine what mental illness and instability compounded with traumatic experiences can do to someone. When I hear them talk about life in the camps, the chaos and the violence and then coming here to see another kind of the same thing, it's something that I can't even wrap my mind around.

He asked me why I haven't been around and all I could say was that life had gotten crazy, and it had, since I'd last seen him, with going back to school, family hecticness and holidays and third roommate drama and moving. I couldn't keep all those plates spinning.

Now that it's summer, I can finally take a break, and begin to reconnect with everyone that I lost touch with.

The Cleveland Institute of Art offers continuing education classes and I'm going to try and sign up for one this summer. It's one night a week for me to feel like I'm back in art school again and hopefully learn some new skills.

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