Tuesday, February 2, 2010

transitioning / positioning

I talk about my love for Cleveland a lot here, heck, that's the URL you use to get here, but I've never actually lived within the city limits before. I was born in Bedford, lived in Seven Hills, my parents moved to Parma when I was seven, and then I went away to school, came back, and moved to Lakewood two years ago.

I've always been hovering on the border, less than a mile, close enough to dip my toes in but ultimately scurrying back to sleep in the suburbs.

In about four weeks, this will change.

The roommate and I are moving to Ohio City. We know the landlord, the rent is cheaper, it's closer to our jobs and we're pretty much down that way all the time as it is, between church, the West Side Market, and a sizable number of friends. I'll miss the balcony but we'll have a deck that's big enough for future back porch jam sessions, a big kitchen, basement, wood floors, and good neighbors.

We were joking that Lakewood is where the 20-somethings live and now we're going to be heading towards the 30s (not there yet but it seems closer and closer) in the city. It feels cliche in a way to be moving there, but it's more because we feel like this is where God is taking us rather than being near all the nightlife. Of course, we're getting the "oh but it's not as safe" comments, but besides using basic common sense, I don't tend to worry about that kind of thing.

I wondered what the next big shift was going to be, and evidently this is it.


Randal Graves said...

I remember when I was almost 30. Get off my lawn.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the move into the city. now get your friends to do it too. No one wants to live in the burbs when you can walk to the best market in the midwest and catch a lightrail all over town.