Thursday, February 25, 2010

best of the blotter 16

Seven Hills police evidently have absolutely nothing else to do. And actually, this is kind of depressing when you think about it.


DISORDERLY CONDUCT, EAST RIDGEWOOD DRIVE: Police charged a 46-year-old man of Independence for throwing a snowball at a passing car out of frustration with having no job.

The man threw the snowball at 3:46 p.m. Feb. 19 while walking in the 500 block. He told police he was drinking at a tavern at East Ridgewood and Broadview and became upset over his joblessness.

The snowball struck a bumper.


DJ J.Fever AKA DJ Melodic One said...

I am so pissed about that! Thats like kicking a man while he is already crippled! How the hell can police just charge someone for taking something as harmless as a snowball, and throwing it at a car bumper! WTF?!

Whats next? Charge people for not knowing how to activate bus pass when you recieve no help in doing so?

.... Oh wait.. They already do that!!

thatgirl said...

I know! given what some people do when they lose their jobs this is nothing. honestly, sometimes I'm amazed that this world isn't more crazy and messed up than it already is.

Randal Graves said...

I see this is website that doesn't support law and order. That poor bumper could have been killed by a deadly ice shard!