Sunday, December 27, 2009

things I want

So there are two things that I fell in love with this weekend.

a stray cat.

an upright bass.

The cat is more feasible economically but we fear that our current feline will not be able to deal with another one. It took her a year to get used to ME and I feed her sometimes. but this one is so sweet and needs a home, currently living in my mom's neighbor's sunroom.

I stopped at Timeless Guitars because my dad said he saw an upright bass there. The one in the front room was a vintage Ampeg electric solid body upright but as it turned out, Clyde had about six acoustic uprights in the back room because he's awesome like that. Most music stores don't even carry them because they're so damn big and expensive but he's got several to choose from.

I love that place. Best guitar shop ever.

So I play an Engelhardt that runs about $850. It's nice and I love the way it feels. Then I try an old German one that's old and oh man do I feel like the greatest musician on earth like I could be jamming with John Coltrane or something. It just resonated and sang. I've been playing electric bass for about 10 years so it came easier than I thought it would.

Potential issues

#1 Too Damn Big
Neither of these will fit in my Toyota Corolla

#2 Amazing Upright bass is $2500, about what I paid for my first car.

What to do?

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Randal Graves said...

We've already taken two strays in and the three groups don't get along all that well, so of course, there's a fresh set of pawprints in the snow. Damn lovable animals.