Monday, November 2, 2009

hall o' ween

I'm loving this whole extra hour of sleep thing, and that the weather's been kind of amazing for this time of year.

Me and the roommate and Muk met up with Jerusha and her roommate's friends who are residents at the Cleveland Clinic and they cooked curry for us. It was so spicy and we were sitting on the living room floor hanging out, devouring curry and ice cream, and drinking Indian instant coffee and eggnog, telling stories from work and driving test disasters.

yesterday we had a Halloween party for the refugee kids, which of course got kind of chaotic but they had a lot of fun and kept asking me for candy. We had them wrap each other up like mummies in toilet paper, make masks with paper bags, and of course had candy and cider. Massive amounts of glitter ended up everywhere, and then I ran over to church to help set up for their party.

I was so tired and ended up leaving early there to crash at the house, which I evidently needed desperately. My roommate borrowed my kimono, Kristy went vintage 1950s, I borrowed my dad's Neil Young style fringe vest, wore my hair down, and went hippie, and Muk was originally going to do jazz era but ended up going all Black Power, showed up at my place in a beret and fatigues.

Went to a show and then to a party, wasn't really feeling either, so I came home pretty early. Halloween is overrated even if it was fun to dress up for a change. I realize more and more that while I'm more social than some, I'm still more of a chill out somewhere person than a big blowout party person. To each their own I guess...

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