Thursday, November 19, 2009

best of the blotter 9: those darn kids again

GENERAL COMPLAINT, SHOPPING PLAZA: Police checked the status of a handicapped placard after a Nov. 8 complaint that “they didn’t believe someone handicapped would be driving a sports car.“ The sticker “checked out,“ police said.

SHOPLIFTING, AURORA ROAD: A 38-year-old Toledo woman was charged with theft Nov. 13 after police were called to the Paper Palace on Aurora Road, where two women and two children had come in and purchased a small amount of merchandise. When employees noticed them giving stickers out to the children in the parking lot — stickers that had not been purchased — police found $229 worth of stolen merchandise on the suspect, including seven cutting tools used in scrapbooking.

CAMOUFLAGE, MIDDLE SCHOOL: Police responded to A.I. Root Middle School around 7:15 p.m. on Nov. 13 on report that an SUV carrying young teens dressed in camouflage, was parked at the corner of W. Sturbridge Dr. and Lawrence St. The caller said the teens were not doing anything unlawful, but the caller was concerned because of their attire. The vehicle was gone when officers arrived.

JUVENILE COMPLAINTS, LAKE OF THE FALLS: A group of juveniles who were “up to no good” caused a resident to call police Nov. 2. The resident said the kids were hanging around on benches and were not from the area. Officers could not locate the group.

JUVENILE COMPLAINTS, DRIFTWOOD DRIVE: Three teenagers knocking on doors and claiming to be German disturbed some residents Friday. The boys asked each resident where Fernwood was. Officers later located the teens as they were stealing a speed limit sign.


Mel said...

Ha, I love that last one.

In regards to the handicapped snippet, I witnessed a similar incident downtown (in a parking garage). Some chick in a freakin' MAZERATI(!!) parked in a handicapped spot. And exited the car, and walked to the elevator seemingly fine.

I did not report it, however. I suppose she could have been some kind of handicap. I did not see the special license plate though.

Seriously, though... nice car.

Randal Graves said...

Bet those camo kids were an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell.

"Wee are from Deutschland and vee hav no speed leemit. Wee can have zee sign yes?"

thatgirl said...


I did have a roommate once who had muscular dystrophy and he used to park illegally all the time because, as he put it, "no one's gonna tow a car with a handicapped tag."

thatgirl said...
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Anonymous said...
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