Tuesday, January 13, 2009

playlist 1/13/09

One of the CD players was down and so was one of the computers so I should've pulled more vinyl. I was starting to wonder if people had stopped listening because my Internet listeners evaporated and I wondered if I had gone into overkill with the afrobeat kick I've been on. Anyways, I got two requests this morning so I didn't feel so bad.

And I forgot how much I like Portishead.

portishead - sour times / roads
ataxia - the sides
mark lanegan - out of nowhere
mission of burma - dirt (live)
the clash - police on my back
the funkees - akula
alice coltrane - blue nile
malatu astatqe - netsanet
jorge ben - ponta de lanca africano
nitty gritty - hog in a me minty
scotty - draw your breaks (harder they come soundtrack)
augustus pablo - lama lava
tuatara - dreamscape
southland singers - trouble all around
bill laswell - babylon site (request)
aricia mess - tentei
damien rice - 9 crimes (request)
the cure - pictures of you
twilight singers - last temptation / love
david usher - st. lawrence river

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