Thursday, December 18, 2008


Due to the water main break downtown, I ended up going home early yesterday, which was really nice, like a snow day for grown-ups, especially since I ended up hanging out with Kristy for the first time in about 5 months since she's been on a whole other continent.

We chilled at her house, listened to music, caught up on everything that's happened since we last saw each other, made chocolate covered pretzels and it was just so good to be seeing her again. She also hooked me up with some beautiful cloth, silver earrings, African tea, and cassette tapes (Tuareg desert blues! Nigerien hip-hop!). She'll be going back this summer with a friend of hers to bring medical supplies that are hard to come by over there.

Hit up the library, did some more Christmas-gift-shopping and got all existential in the Westgate mall parking lot thinking about how much we have and how little everyone else does.

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