Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the morning after... usually sunny it seems.

People are coming in saying that they lost their freedom, but I wonder where they've been the past 10 years or maybe even longer, with the Patriot Act and its continuations and escalations, justifying the unjustifiable under the pretense of "state secrets," not to mention the ways in which people who have the least amount of rights and protection in this country simply "disappear."

"Well at least a Democrat won in our county," as if they haven't been as utterly corrupt on a local level as the other party has been on a national one.

But I can't get emotional about politics anymore. It's so ugly and seems to get uglier every year. I listen to people talk and the ignorance is astounding and the smugness is overwhelming, and each side is acting like they're in middle school with "I'm smarter" or "I'm prettier" or "You suck" and there really isn't much of a difference when it comes down to it.

We're really an oligarchy, run by a select few with a lot of money and connections who either buy their way in or finance the way in for others. I'm convinced that if you start out with any integrity, you've lost most of it by the time you get that far.

It's easy to demand and expect things of others, and harder to take any responsibility to do.


Randal Graves said...

My favorite part is when, right after anyone articulates anything remotely similar to this, a vast field of strawmen is erected in opposition, these are your two choices, anything else is a waste.

Not my fault if you subscribe to the status quo, bub.

Anonymous said...