Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No letter today, not even a call on my telephone...

I don't know what to do with myself on long weekends, made no plans, took things as they came...

Attempted to transplant wisteria and honeysuckle from my parents' house, found myself feeling lonely as anything on Saturday night, walked to Edgewater, went to a birthday party where a spontaneous salsa party commenced, finished up my two weeks of dog sitting, entertained unexpected visitors last night, met my next-door neighbors, and watched the storm come in.

One of my coworkers hooked me up with that 'unreleased' Jimi material and it's been fighting with Janelle Monae for dominance of my CD player. This was where I was Saturday night, feeling lonely as hell for no good reason when I've got so much all around me.

And 2010 is evidently the year of the breakup with everyone around me struggling with aftermaths and emotions and those of us who've never had our hearts broken sometimes still feel like they're bleeding nonetheless.

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