Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm finally not sounding raspy. I was texting so people didn't have to hear me talk. Still insisted on going and hanging out, partaking in Ethiopian Christmas feasting Saturday and eating raw meat there for the first time. Evidently it hasn't killed me so that's a good thing.

Got my other electric guitar back from Paul, who resurrected it from being unplayable (neck was messed up, bad action, all the electrical components broken) to something that sounds really good, then caught the last half of the Horizon/St. Martin de Porres game with the usual suspects and of course going out to eat and staying out late.

I was antisocial Friday night, music in the other room was so beautiful but my relational abilities were shot and I retreated to the back room that's become my creative space once more.

It's been working well for my creative side because I've had a streak of evenings when the colors mix perfectly and I feel inspired, wondering how that shade of blue got to be so beautiful or why everything seems to be working together so well. I was stressing out about some unresolved things last night when my roommate came home and I started working on another piece that's been sitting around for awhile and finally got that where it needed to be, where it just needs a dash of silver spraypaint to send it into awesomeness.

This weather always gets me going creatively because I crave warm colors when I don't see the sun, I don't want to go outside, and it's so easy to get into art-making mode when it's dark and cold out, there's an endless supply of green tea, the stereo is on, the candles are lit, and I'm totally comfy in torn jeans, a black hoodie that's losing its color and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt.

I'm hoping I can keep this streak up. I'm going out tonight after work to the thrift stores to buy crappy old paintings with huge funky frames to turn into projects to decorate the apartment with.

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